Episode 2 – St. Feuillien

A Classic Belgian Brasserie: St. Feuillien

Show notes

A Classic Belgian Brasserie: St. Feuillien
St. Feuillien just may be the quintessential Belgian brewery. Named after an Irish monk who met a grisly end in a centuries-ago Belgian forest, St. Feuillien today offers a hand-crafted approach to brewing abbey-style ales, five generations of family ownership, a strong national reputation, a growing international reach, and a deep connection to the land around them.

In this episode, host Nate Cairney steps in to the St. Feuillien brewery for an inside look at how Belgian beer is made. Join him in his quest to learn more about the magic of beer science, the oddness of gigantic bottles, and one brewery’s effort to remain true to traditions in an increasingly modern world.

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