Belgian Beer Quest Launches – Official Press Release


Belgian Beer Quest Launches

New Podcast Takes Listeners to Belgium to Illuminate Legendary Beers

Aug. 30, 2019 (KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany) – Ask many experts, and they’ll tell you that Belgium is to beer what France is to wine or what Scotland is to single malt whiskey – in other words, the best. However, many of the defining breweries in the small and often unassuming
country remain shrouded in mystery.

Belgian Beer Quest is a new podcast that highlights the fascinating stories that define some of the top beers in the world. Hosted by Nate Cairney, each episode focuses on a single brewery or a theme related to Belgian beer, and uses a blend of storytelling, travel narrative, and expert interviews. During the first season, audiences will get an inside look at legendary labels like Westvleteren, Orval, Chimay, Lindemans, and others.

Belgian Beer Quest isn’t just for beer geeks, either. Though it respects the fundamentals of brewing, the series uses a multifaceted approach to reveal how history, war, religion, personality, economics and geography have helped shape contemporary Belgian beers. Listeners will also be introduced to aspects of beer culture that are uniquely Belgian, including austere Trappist abbeys, and breweries that defined now-global styles like tripel or saison. Belgian Beer Quest is offered by Ear Blitz, a podcast production division of Kaiserslautern, Germany-based AdvantiPro GmbH. The podcast is in English and available at and on all major podcast platforms.

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